people confuse the SMA connectors, mainly because they mix the male and female connectors which is hard for them to distinguished. Generally speaking, the one with the needle inside is called the male head, and the one with the hole is called the female head, which is correct. Follows are some methods to recognize SMA… Read More






Leaky cable,or some one call leaky coaxial cable or leaky feeder cable is a kind of coaxial cable that with communication system consisting of a kind of cable run along tunnels which emits and receives radio waves. It functions as an extended antenna. This cable is “leaky” in that it has gaps or slots in its outer conductor to allow the radio signal to leak into or out of the cable along its whole length….. Read More






Since 2001, it has been produced for copper casting, rolling and electroplating processes Baotou steel has short length, uneven copper layer, wire drawing is easy to break, and pollution rings and other defects, suitable for large length, high strength, large environment, corrosion-resistant composite In 2001, it was independently developed by a company in Shanghai The cladding copper production line is obtained…… Read More






There are thousands of types of wire and cable products, which are used in all walks of life. There are two general uses for them, one is to transmit current and the other is to transmit signals. The main technical performance indicators for transmission current cables are conductor resistance and withstand voltage performance…. Read More






The purpose of a common coaxial cable is to transmit radio frequency energy from one end to the other, and it is desirable to have the largest horizontal shielding so that the signal cannot penetrate the cable to avoid the loss of radio frequency energy during transmission. However, the design purpose of a leaky cable is precisely to reduce the lateral shielding so that electromagnetic energy can partially penetrate from the cable to the outside of the cable…. Read More




Leaky cable is short for leaky coaxial cable, which is a special coaxial cable. Leaky coaxial cable is a special coaxial cable that is slotted at a certain interval and in different forms in the longitudinal direction of the outer conductor of the coaxial cable. The purpose of slotting is to make the electrical signal energy radiate from the cable slot to achieve the purpose of spreading and receiving external radio waves. This radio wave is open, like a hole for radio waves to enter and exit. An open “door”…….Read More





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The function of the feeder and the jumper are both connection and transmission models, and both serve as the medium for connecting devices or equipment. The main difference between the two is the connection distance and softness.

Feeder: RF cable that transmits RF signals. A coaxial radio frequency cable generally used for the transmission of radio frequency signals from BTS equipment to antenna feeders. The length is longer, the general dimension is larger, and the 7/8″ feeder has lower loss as the backbone..Read More





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Coaxial cable has the advantages of being cheaper and easier to lay (Relative to optical fiber), so, generally in a small-scale monitoring system, by
Because the transmission distance is very short, the use of coaxial cables to directly transmit the monitoring image does not cause much damage to the image quality, which can meet the actual requirements… Read More




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Version 1.4 compared to version 1.3, the most obvious difference is the addition of the Ethernet function (HDMI Ethernet Channel) Support Audio Return Channel (Audio Return Channel) HDMI 3D function 4K*2K@30 video support More color space Micro HDMI connector, Type D Vehicle connection system Type E… Read More




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Signal attenuation is closely related to impedance. Impedance matching and impedance stability are of great significance to attenuation. As can be seen from the above figure, it is very important to control the foaming degree to ensure stable impedance during the foaming process of the core wire.Now the new foaming machine can automatically control the temperature, so it can ensure the foaming stability throughout the whole process, while the old-fashioned machine is controlled manually, and the value of the static capacitance is adjusted every minute… Read More




Often use America material 3485 as the FPE, before foaming, the PE’s permittivity is about 2.3, PE after foaming, the permittivity comes down and the attenuation become lower while the transmit signal become better. the more complete the PE foaming, the lower the permittivity and the better the transmit, but the physical performance also come down… Read More






Note: supper CCS has high proportion of copper, so, it has higher conductivity but its cost is not so lower than BC. HDMI ’s CCS conductors’ conductivity is about 18% . Conductors often transmit signal, and the earth wire only for take out the electromagnetic interference. Braiding material

is for shielding the interference as well as flow deflector…Read More




TV testing: Using TV practical operation, if audio and video normal, then pass. But, due to the different compatibility of different brand engine and TV, it might be ok in this engine or TV, but not ok in the others. Also, some good quality TV has better performance, it can use this cable which can not in other devices… Read More



Pin 18 is for providing power,if there is one bigger electrical wire, it should connect to this Position….Read More



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