HDMI materials and functions

Hello, welcome to Zhuhai hanqin cable Co.,Ltd   In this article, I am going to discuss the structure materials of HDMI and their difference.


Note: supper CCS has high proportion of copper, so, it has higher conductivity but its cost is not so lower than BC. HDMI ’s CCS conductors’ conductivity is about 18% . Conductors often transmit signal, and the earth wire only for take out the electromagnetic interference. Braiding material is for shielding the interference as well as flow deflector.

American wire gauge, use for conductor size, HDMI common size as below:

Note: different manufacturers with different ID, no need to be the same, just pay attention to the conductor size is ok.
HDMI’s total strand cores OD=foam insulation wire*5.2, e.g.: 30AWG conductor’s foam insulation ID is 0.7mm, then the total stranded core OD =0.7*5.2=3.64mm
OD after braiding=single braiding OD*5+ total stranded core OD, eg: the braiding materials AL’s OD is 0.12mm,after braiding=0.12*5+3.64=4.24mm

if the conductors is for transmit HF signals, then often use 7 stranded cores or 19 stranded cores. for the 7 cores, one inside the 6cores which strand around the center 1 core. If it is for 19 cores, then there is 1+6+12. Theoretically, both single cores or multi cores, they are the same.

Advantage of multi-cores:   softer and it can be used even some conductors has broken
Disadvantage: more complicated to produce and more cost not as stable as single core, so, mostly use single core or 7 cores, seldom use 19 cores
for the more cores, the harder to make it.

Also, why 1/0.404BC and 7/0.16 are both 26AWG? Because they count it by section. the bigger AWG, the smaller size it is. 7/0.16mm can be written as 7/34AWG. Earth wire can use D or D.W (Drain Wire)

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