Some professional words and testing method of HDMI. 27/06/2021

Welcome to Zhuhai Hanqin Cable Co.,LTD  , in this article, we will discuss the HDMI testing method and some professional words.


1. TV testing: Using TV practical operation, if audio and video normal, then pass. But, due to the different compatibility of different brand engine and TV, it might be ok in this engine or TV, but not ok in the others. Also, some good quality TV has better performance, it can use this cable which can not in other devices.

2.1 TDR Test: TDR is the abbreviation of Time-Domain Reflectometry, which is a kind of technology called time area refraction, a kind of remote measuring tech of reflection wave. HDMI use this measuring method to tell the condition of the signal wire’s signal transition, a kind of quantized parameter standard. In short, it tells the quality of the cable.

2.2 Professional word “attenuation”: When the signal transmit in the media(dielectric),part of its energy would be transferred into thermal energy or be absorbed by the media or be reflected, which would make the signal become weak. we call this attenuation.

2.3 Professional word “ Impedance”(IMPZ): Means the ratio between voltage and electric current of each wire. If one of them is not stable, the electromagnetic field is also not stable, and this would cause bigger impedance, which would cause loss of signal transition. There are many factors that affect impedance, like dielectric constant, dielectric thickness, foil thickness/tightness

2.4 Professional word “Matching Impedance”: the wires impedance need to match each other, also the connector’s impedance. Just like the screw and nut, only with tolerance can it be assembled well. We can understand it like this: when the water pipe was stepped, the water pressure inside the pipe change, and the water spray out at different position. If the water can not get to the specific position, it fails.

2.5 Professional Word: TDMS Transition Differential Minimized Signaling, abbreviation: TDMS its special performance is that, one conductor is positive pole, another is negative pole. By this way, it can transmit with good anti-interference. When two wires twisted together, the signal transmit with equal, same but opposite electromagnetic. They would offset with each other, which would improve the transmit quality, which would improve dependability of HF transmit. Of course, the two wire must be the same specification. At present, most HF transmit use this kind of method


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