Product Description
High quality Optic Electric Composite Cable 24 Core Hybrid Fiber Optic Cable GDTS
GDTS hybrid optical and electrical stranded loose tube cable consist of optical unit and electrical unit.The optical and electrical hybrid design can decrease the construction and installation cost, Steel Tape,PE Jacket.suitable for remote power and data supply for RRU.Long distance and Local Area Network (Lan)communication.

1.Photoelectric integration, solve the problem of equipment power and signal transmission, provide centralized monitoring and maintenance of equipment power
2.Improve power manageability and reduce power supply coordination and maintenance
3.Reduce purchase costs and save construction costs
4.The precision control of the fiber length ensures that the fiber has good tensile performance and temperature characteristics
5.It is mainly used in DC remote power supply system of distributed base stations to connect BBU and RRU
6.Suitable for direct burial