Performance description:

Low-Loss :These 10ft/15ft/25ft….etc cord with N-Male to N-Male Connectors or SMA to SMA Connectors is black in color and it is Ultra Low-Loss Coax Cable,which mean that it incurs a very low loss.Signal loss per  ft. on 3000MHz is only 0.42 dB. and It is fitted with a N-Male Connector on each of the two ends. This cable allows transfer of signals over large distances with minimum signal loss.

High-quality Materials:  The inner conductor of the cable is copper clad aluminium so it is very efficient and causes very low signal loss, and the cable is heavy duty. The Jacket is made of the flexible and proof-water pvc or PE that could be used so long in the harsh environments in the outdoor.

Prevent Coming Off: Our coaxial cable uses the black heat shrink tube and lined adhesive by heat shrinking to connect the adapter and the coaxial cable . And the length of the black heat shrink tube is up to 2.2 in that is longer than others which would prevent the code coming off.

Compatibility:This ultra low-loss 400 n cable is designed to work with all devices and appliances with 50-Ohm impedance. Works for any 50 Ohm RF system. Such as an antenna and amplifier,and they can be used inside building or outside buildings. It enables perfectly secure connections between an amplifier to both indoor or outdoor antennae, taps, splitters.

Professionally Made: HANQIN is a professional manufacturer in producing coax cable. This coaxial cable is swept with USA KEYSIGHT E5071C ENA network analyzers to assure the vswr of the cable less than 1.1. XRDS -RF is committed to improving the lives of our customers, and this cable will give you unmatched product quality. All of our items come with a full year of warranty.




























LMR240 7.5m datasheet


LMR195 3m Datasheet


LMR400 7.5M datasheet