Product Description

When entering the mobile communication field early at the end of last century, Hanqin started research on leaky cable, assistive technology about signals coverage in mobile communication. Up to now, Hanqin’s leaky cable has been widely utilized in numerous highways and subways at home, as well as been exported to developed European market.

Leaky cable features incompletely sealed outer conductor, integrating the function of radio signal transmission line and send-receive antenna. It is applied to wireless communication and trunking communication in specific enclosed and complicated areas where radio waves cannot wholly or effectively reach, like tunnels, mines, intelligent buildings, undergrounds, railways, rail transports, and security alert spots.

The rapid development of mobile communication, rail transportation and real estate industry in the first decade of the century in China provided unlimited opportunities for the evolution of leaky cable. Hanqinn seized the chance and accomplished the  advanced research, production and testing technology. Hanqin was  in China to build up a simulative testing environment which is an integration of the tunnel and railway, offering our customers the  emulative experiment results for practical application.


HQ 50S-114

HQ 50S-78

HQ 50S-12

HQ 50-158

HQ 50-114

HQ 50-78L

HQ 50-12

CWC 50S-158