Kinds of SMA Connectors

Many people confuse the SMA connectors, mainly because they mix the male and female connectors which is hard for them to distinguished.
Generally speaking, the one with the needle inside is called the male head, and the one with the hole is called the female head, which is correct.
Follows are some methods to recognize SMA:

1. Positive connection with SMA male head (SMA-J) (SMA male head pin)
First look at what a conventional SMA connector looks like


The picture above is SMA male. You can see that it is a bit different from what we usually use. There are needles inside, but this is the regular SMA male. The English expression is: SMA-J

2.Positive SMA female head (SMA-K) (SMA female head female pin):


The picture above is the SMA female, which is a bit different from the one we use. There are holes in it. This kind of head is called a positive connection to the SMA female head.

Expressed in English as: SMA-K

3.Reverse connection SMA male (RP-SMA-J) (SMA male and female pin):

This kind of connector is familiar to everyone. It is the most commonly used connector. Many people think it is a female connector when they see a hole inside. In fact, they are wrong. This kind of connector is a reverse male connector or a reverse polarity male connector. The English name is Reverse SMA, and the English expression is: RP-SMA-J

According to the different specifications of the cables, there are also many specifications to adapt to the connectors. Take our most commonly used RG316 50-1.5 cable as an example, the outer diameter of the cable is 2.5mm, and a -1.5 SMA head is required, as shown:

Expressed in English as: RP-SMA-J-1.5

The difference between -1.5, -3, -7, and -9 lies in the size of the tail.

4.Reverse connection SMA female (RP-SMA-K) (SMA female male pin)

This connector is also familiar to everyone. Many people think it is a male connector, but it is wrong. This is called a reverse SMA female connector, expressed in English as: RP-SMA-K







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