UHF connectors

The staff who often purchase will not be unfamiliar with UHF connectors. Due to some of its own characteristics, UHF connectors have become one of the hot products in the RF market. In order to let everyone better understand UHF connectors, I have copied some articles related to UHF connectors. Today’s introduction It is the mating form of the UHF connector. Let’s take a look at the mating form of the UHF connector.

There are four types of mating types for UHF connectors: snap-in type, embedded type, threaded type, and slide-in type. The details are as follows:

1. UHF snap-in

The main feature of UHF connector snap-in mating structure is that it can be locked by rotating 90 degrees, and the connection speed is fast and stable. It is suitable for equipment that is frequently loaded and unloaded, and is widely used in network systems, instruments and meters and other fields.

2. UHF embedded

The UHF connector is characterized by fast connection and separation, small size and light weight. It is mostly used for board-to-board connection inside the casing, high-density installation.

3. UHF threaded type

The threaded interface of the UHF connector is characterized by the most reliable connection, high mechanical strength, and good vibration resistance. Due to the good mechanical properties and electrical properties, it is widely used in testing instruments, military and aviation fields.

4. UHF slide-in

The UHF connector slide-in mating structure type is widely used in occasions requiring compact structure and easy operation.